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I haven't written in a while. It's weird. I haven't even been reading my horoscope. Why? Cause I am in love.

I realized this yesterday. I only used to read my horoscope because I wanted to know when I would meet a guy or if I would have a date soon. And stuff like that. Now, I know that I found love, so I don't need to read my daily horoscope...my love chart...my tea leaves...my coffee grounds...(sigh)

Anyway, I have been doing great. We celebrated our one year dating anniversary, in which I got him a cruiser bike and he got me a ring for my RIGHT hand. Its beautiful and I will never forget how much love I felt that day. It was amazing. My first 1 year anniversary ever.

So, we have been talking frequently about getting married. And then I found this today....

Its a list that reads:

Get education-

Call Bank-

Career- ETI (an airconditioning, heating, refrigeration school) 1-888-5sayyes

1 month salary for wedding ring

OMG So cute.

Ringo is doing very well. He is becoming a little man dog. I feel like a mother. Paranoid to let him play with other dirty dogs in the park because he doesn't have all his shots yet and he might get their nasty germs. I can only imagine how Weenie and Andy must feel.

Weenie, I hope you are doing wonderfully! Give Delaney a kiss and hug for me! Love, D.
Andy, I hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon! Happy Wedding! Love, D.

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